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EuroMillions, Friday 2 October 2015

The National Lottery Friday ‘EuroMillions’ draw results from 2nd October 2015: 7,18,21,32,35 and Lucky Stars: 2,11 This Friday's jackpot is £11,000,000
8,15,30,42,49-2,7Helen Lord
1,2,19,20,29-5,9R J Evans
2,19,30,35,47-5,9Ovidiu Tepeler
4,6,8,12,15-3,6Nicola Blaney
5,12,16,31,44-9,10Ionut Bogoslov
7,15,21,36,10-3,9Saba Yemane-Habte
4,7,25,34,40-3,5Cosmin Tepeler
10,13,23,33,44-10,11C Metcalfe
9,15,16,29,43-6,9Manu Popescu
4,9,15,22,46-6,1Ian Biss
16,22,35,37,46-9,10Francis Inametti

The winnings have been used towards buying 2 Lucky Dips and all members above are taking part in the next EuroMillions draw on Tuesday 6 October 2015.

this draw is a re-entry for tuesday 6 october 2015

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