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06 December 2016

Teresa Leahy from Blackpool has won EuroMillions

Teresa Leahy from Blackpool has WON £303,465.20 after matching five numbers and one Lucky Star on last Friday’s EuroMillions!

Teresa, who plays EuroMillions every Friday, decided to buy an extra two lines after finding five shiny pound coins at the bottom of her bag. She said: “I’d put my lucky dip line on as usual and then discovered the shiny coins at the bottom of my bag. I thought – these are lucky coins - so I decided to play an extra two lucky dip lines.”

And it was one of these lucky lines which led to her win, being able to pay off her mortgage and live the life she has always dreamed of!

Teresa says: “Everything just seems so unreal – I want to sit down and think what I really want to buy. Take my time over things. I’ll definitely be paying off my mortgage and I will also be able to support two of my daughters with their travel dreams. They’ve always wanted to travel to Australia and have been saving hard. Now I’ll be able to help them on their trip and let them to stay in lovely places. I’ll obviously really miss them but this is something they’ve always wanted to do - as a mum you always like to support your children and help to make their dreams come true. Thanks to this win I will be able to do that.” Amber, 25 and Sasha, 22, will leave in the next few weeks.

The property developer, who is married and also has a 14 year old daughter, describes the moment she found out about her win: “I realised I had matched five numbers and just screamed out loud. I was on my own at the time and just thinking who can I tell? Who can I tell? I had won more than £100,000. I was thinking I had probably won around £121,000.

“It was about five minutes later when I had started to calm down a little and looked to check the numbers again to check I really had won that I realised I had a Lucky Star too! This meant I had won an amazing amount of money. I was just jumping around the house and actually had to keep putting cold water on my face, thinking is this really true? Could this all be a dream?”

Teresa, who intends to carry on working, says she has no plans to stop playing EuroMillions now. She added: “I already have my ticket for this Friday. I always thought it could never happen to me and now it has – this is just proof dreams like this can come true for anyone.”

Teresa Leahy from Blackpool with her two daughters

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