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09 May 2019

Do you play the lottery? If yes, then you have to join my syndicate.

If you're like me and say "well, you never know" then end up buying the occasional lottery ticket then here's a deal: join my lottery syndicate! You'll be better off, I promise you.

I used to buy lottery tickets every now and then; you know, there are those moments when you happen to be passing by some shop which sells National Lottery tickets and feel a certain way ... like, your intuition is telling you you're going to win this time.

Well, I have to come realize that our intuition is relying a lot on what we know - or better said, on what we have found out at some point in the past.

There are a lot of stories out there about folk winning the lottery some way or another. The one that seems to come up the most is about some lad or lady who bought a ticket, completely forgot about it for a few days, then - almost by mistake - find out they are lottery winners.

While this might have indeed happened, it is not how you play if you really want a chance to win. You have to be there every single time and really pay attention to everything.

One of my very own friends missed a EuroMillions jackpot of over £76 million in December 2018. He said he forgot to buy his usual tickets before he went on holiday abroad. Guess what?! During the two weeks he didn't play, his numbers - which he played since the beginning - matched all EuroMillions numbers on 14th of December 2018.

my friends numbers matched the euromillions jackpot

I know this because when I started my EuroMillions Syndicate 6 weeks later, he gave me the very same numbers: 12 29 38 42 44 and 02 12. I think I cried a little when I checked them and found out what happened.

Now, playing the lottery is not cheap. For example, if you buy a single line on Lotto for every draw that's £4 a week, which in a year is £4 x 52 = £208. Not a huge amount of money, but still. If you'd do the same for EuroMillions, it would be £260/year.

So, you have to do it in a way that keeps the cost as low as possible while ensuring you take part in it every single time. This is where the syndicate system comes in. Two very important things happen here:

1. The chances of winning increase by a lot thanks to all the other lines played at the same time. Essentially, you get to play a lot of lines but only pay for one. 2. Each line will take turns in matching a few numbers occasionally - and this is absolutely certain - which means that the yearly cost will go down a bit with each draw.

Here are a few facts about lottery syndicates in general:

- most prizes are won by syndicates
- you have more chances of winning by taking part in a syndicate
- it will cost you less
- you don't have to spend any of your time on it
- you get to play every single draw

... and some about our Lotto Syndicate in particular:

- your numbers will be played on every single Lotto draw
- £100 can take you a long way, sometimes even a whole year
- the syndicate manager does all the work of buying and checking the tickets
- the syndicate agreement is straightforward and easy to download
- you do not have any obligations and are not required to commit for a particular length of time

There are lottery syndicates all across the country but mine is by far the best lottery syndicate system out there. If my OCD has ever done any good to me, this is it. I keep a good eye on everything - from how well the website works to how clear the syndicate agreement is - so rest assured you are in very good hands.


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