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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this is joke/scam?

Absolutely not! They say that "1 in 6 lottery jackpots are won by syndicates." This is a pretty good reason to play the lottery in a syndicate rather than by yourself.

Okay, but I mean, do you actually buy the lottery tickets with the money I'm sending you?

You bet! ;) Sometimes it might take a while for a ticket to show up there as I'm waiting for at least 7 lines at a time before I buy it from the National Lottery website. Once a ticket has been bought, you can see a copy of it by clicking the green "See ticket" button.

So, how and when will I get my money?

When you join in, your payment will be made using your PayPal account. Your share of the win will be sent to that PayPal account within 7 days.

If I join the syndicate, do I have to stay in forever?

No - it is always up to you. You are free to join the syndicate for however many draws you want, and are free to come in and go out as you wish. You can join the very next draw, win, get your money and set off to Hawaii and never look back. No hard feelings, no strings attached. :)

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