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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions - Fourleaf Club
Last modified: Thursday, 12 October 2017

1. Lottery Syndicates for Lotto or EuroMillions

Please read the following terms and conditions carefully before joining one of our syndicates.


You automatically become a member of a syndicate when you own shares for an upcoming draw. Your membership lasts only until any winnings accumulated on that draw have been divided and paid accordingly.

You buy your shares from the website using PayPal. If your transaction was successful, a confirmation email will get sent to your PayPal email address containing all the details of your purchase, including the date when it was made.

Please keep that email for your own reference - especially for tax purposes. You don't have to pay any tax on lottery winnings, but in the case of a big win, you will have to have something to prove that you have joined a syndicate prior to receiving that money.


All payments are securely processed by PayPal - the most reliable service for online payments. This also allows us to keep our members details stored safely, and ensure everyone can get paid out quickly and securely.

Entries & Shares

All tickets for a particular draw, as well as each member's stake, will be posted on that draw's page.

The amount of cash each member gets back depends on the number of shares they own.

The formula used to calculate how much each member is cashing in is:

100 * Number of shares owned / Total number of shares available

i.e. The number of shares owned by each member multiplied by 100 and divided by the total number of shares available in that particular syndicate.


All tickets are purchased online on the National Lottery website. This enables us to store them safely and also have them checked automatically.

Winnings & Payout

Soon after the official results get published and all winnings confirmed, the draw page will display the draw results as well as how much each member will be cashing in.

Each member will be paid their cash share within 5 working days. The payment will be made into the PayPal account used to purchase the shares for that particular draw.


Because the only way to keep everyone updated is to have the results posted online, any winnings will be considered public.

2. Fourleaf Raffles

Please read the following terms and conditions carefully before entering a raffle.


You become a member of an upcoming raffle by simply buying a ticket. You can make a one-time purchase each time you wish to join a raffle or set up a weekly subscription and get automatically included in every upcoming raffle.


The email address used to make payment will be your ticket reference. Each raffle page will display the tickets taking part in that particular raffle on separate rows containing the name and email address of the candidate. The cost of one ticket is £11.58

Prize Fund

86% of the total ticket sales for each raffle draw is put to one side to create the prize fund – the pot of money that the raffle prizes for that draw will be paid from.

Prize breakdown

The total prize fund will get displayed in its 'Expanded Factors Form', which will also show the number of prizes to be awarded (i.e. the number of winning tickets to be drawn).

Below is an example of a prize breakdown for a total prize fund of £15,530:

Total Prize Fund £15,530
Prize Level Prizes awarded
4th Power 1 × £10,000  
3rd Power 5 × £1,000  
2nd Power 5 × £100  
1st Power 3 × £10  

Raffle Prizes

The number of prizes awarded will depend entirely on the size of the prize fund. Each winning ticket will be cashed out right away by means of transfer to its corresponding PayPal account.

For any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

You can get in touch via email or on Facebook.

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